• Technical Skills

    Side by side training with teachers to improve expertise as well as training with industry experts with specialized knowledge and skills, e.g. pattern cutting and embroidery.

  • Mentoring

    Designers working on the program have years of experience working in fashion and will also work as mentors. In addition, NFI will be contracting mentors with specialist knowledge within the industry such as other fashion designers, people in the textile industry, business training and marketing.

  • Exchange Programmes and Volunteering

    Establish exchange or support programmes between other fashion schools locally and internationally. International fashion students can come and learn a skill at the school, e.g. beadwork, while in turn teaching another skill, e.g. textiles. We plan to work with fashion design schools locally and internationally so that student and teacher volunteers who would like to teach short courses can join our programme.

  • Networking

    Organizing events that will allow young designers to talk to people in the industry, as well as potential clients. These events will include fashion shows, exhibitions, luncheons, and trade fairs. This will give the designers access to the right people who will be able to help them during the course of their careers. As mentioned, Naledi Fashion House hopes to establish a close networking relationship with other bodies that might be interested in the programme.

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